On the Nature of… This Podcast

This first episode is simply an introduction to what this podcast is all about and how it came to be! Quick and dirty version: my personal outlet and an information dump while I’m working and researching my way through graduate school.

I didn’t really provide my own background in the podcast so here is a bit about me:

I am a student of the Classics – have one whole entire degree in the subject, and am soon to have another, and then I’ll start working on another. Now, I can only handle so much of the constant mention and discussion regarding the likes of Achilles, Plato, Augustus, (my nemesis) Socrates, and so on and forth. I wanted to know more about the figures that aren’t usually part of the standard curriculum and I made it a point to investigate such figures for my own personal satisfaction.

In my day to day life I make active use of my academic background as a planetarium presenter where I show my audiences the ancient origins of the stars and constellations, their myths, how they were used to understand the space, time, world and society these ancient minds were part of, and how we can use these same methods today. So, when it was suggested that I create a podcast, it just made sense to me!

The name of the podcast is a homage to Dionysus, my favorite god, and the naming system for each episode is a homage to another favorite of mine, Lucretius!

In this episode I mention the Homeric Hymn 26 to Dionysus as well as Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things, which you can take a gander at in your spare time by clicking on the links!



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